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Amber Priddy @amberpriddy “in Black Lingerie” presented by Show Girlz Exclusives #classicmaterial

Amber Priddy6 in Black Lingerie - show exclusive.thewizsdailydose
Here’s a throwback set from Show Magazine – Black Lingerie issue 12; Miss Amber Priddy in Black Lingerie.

Amber Priddy, born on November 6 in Charlotte, NC. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She Is of German/Irish/Italian Decent. Now in Atlanta, GA were she has been living for the past eight years. She graduated from college with her LPN or (Licensed Practical Nurse). She worked as a nurse for three years but decided she wanted to own a hair salon in Atlanta, but now currently is focusing on her modeling full time.

Her modeling career started at a young age. She recently broke out in the urban modeling world, being featured in videos by artists such as Plies, Young Jeezy, Bubba Sparxx, and recently Fabulous with the video for “Body Ya.” She has also been featured in TV shows and movies like Tyler Perrys House of Payne and Madea Goes to Jail.

This sensual vixen stands at 54″ and measures 36DD-26-42, with amazing curves.
Not only is she beautiful, but she is also quite the athlete. Taking dance classes and being a gymnast. She was also the cheer captain in high school.

When Amber is not modeling or on the set for a video. Her hobbies include shopping and traveling. But the thing she loves to do the most is talk on the phone. She is also a very humble person, great listener, and very outgoing and always positive.

Amber is undeniably determined to reach her goal of being a household name. Her drive and commitment to her career prevent her from being detoured from accomplishing her goals. With her focus on modeling, Amber is on her way to the top. And nothing can get in her way of getting there.
Follow Amber via twitter @amberpriddy and you can also find her on instagram @amberpriddy

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