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Christina Rio “The Blasted Ink Candy” images courtesy of Urban Soul Photography

Here’s model thats been on the radar for awhile now and congrats to her for being the second featured model to grace the background at That feat was held down by Brandi Vonne for the longest since I launch the .com Checkout Christina Rio “The Blasted Ink girl” residing out Compton, California… Get familiar with her below and checkout her dope courtesy of Urbansoul Photography. Shouts to Donnell

Born and raised in Compton , CA…
At 23 years of age, Christina Silva Walker, also known as ”Rio” shows exactly how being BAD&GOOD at it is definitely setting trends. The Brazilian and African American beauty ignites her exotic look & tough attitude! She sat down for her first tattoo at age 16 and has not stopped since. Her canvas displays the growth of a free spirited woman with each detailed line. Her talents do not stop at photographing expressions. This model isn’t confined to the camera, she also is a wardrobe stylist, and a passion for creating music. Music plays the biggest role in her tattoo adventure in her limitless swagg.