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Dope edit of the Day – Meet Alicia Love courtesy of Mind Vivid Photography

Checkout Nigel Elliot’s latest discovery and she is amazing.. Get familiar with Alicia Love below:
Model: Alicia Love
photographer: Nigel Elliott | MindVivid Photography
model’s info:

Brief History:

I was born in up state New Jersey in St. Mary Hospital. Growing up my learning days were spent at St. John of Kanty School and Dance World Academy. Life as a dancer at such a young age was common in the community and still holds a strong community invovled in the love of dance.

I’m Filipino,Chinese,German,Spainard,and Trinidadian.
My weekness is Chocolate and Spaghetti. Some days I’ll have six bowls of spaghetti and five chocolate bars.
My favorite Filipino meal is Adobo, Palabok and my favorite Trinidadian meal is Pelau Chicken.

After a few short years in New Jersey I relocated to Florida at age seven. I graduated High School at Dr. Phillips High in 2009 where I was involved in dance my first year. Currently I stay located in Orlando,FL.

Working in the industry has introduced me to many wonderful individuals and each of them have given me more strength. Everyone I’ve worked with has been such a blessing.