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Henny: It’s a pleasure have you here, Welcome!

Jazmine Monroe: Thank you. Pleasure is all mine.

Henny: For starters; when did you find inspiration in pursuing a modeling career?

Jazmine Monroe: I found inspiration in pursuing a modeling career at the age of 25. Ive always loved modeling ever since i had my first photo taken as a small child, but actually pursuing a career in it did not take place til i turned 25.

Henny: What is your nationality and where are from?

Jazmine Monroe: I am Puerto Rican American. My bloodline is from Puerto Rico, where both my parents are from but i was born and raised in Upstate, New York.

Henny: For the people that might not know; Give a rundown of the publications you been featured in?

Jazmine Monroe: Publications I have been featured in are: WizsDailyDose, 504 Dymes Magazine, FA Magazine, The Curv Online, CurvyBe, World Latin Star and World Latin Star Honeys.

Henny: With all the shoots you’ve done so far, which ones have been your most memorable?

Jazmine Monroe: My most memorable shoots are definitely the ones Ive done with 504 Dymes Magazine. Hands down.

Henny: A question I tend to ask models/vixens is, in this forever evolving business, new faces emerge by the minute. What separates “Jazmine Monroe” from your peers?

Jazmine Monroe: In this business, many would argue that there really isn’t anything that truly separates one model from the next. Its about who notices you, how many people you know, who you know and what you are willing to do. For me, I would say what separates me from the pack is that I genuinely model for the love of it. I will never render my freedom of artistic/ creative expression to anyone and I will not allow anyone to steer my career. I dont “do it for the gram”. If I am not doing something I love and am comfortable with, I will not do it all. I wont give in to the pressures that most models allow themselves to fall under. And I believe that is what separates me from the rest.

Henny: Overall, what has been your opinion of the Modeling industry?

Jazmine Monroe: Overall, my opinion of the modeling industry is that if you are a strong, secure and confident model, the skys the limit for you. Its an expansive career with so many different types of opportunities for you if you are consistent. However, this industry can also prey on the weak and vulnerable. It can make you feel less than, and its important to have a strong backbone going into this field.

Henny: What are some of your long term goals as you continue to progress in your career?

Jazmine Monroe: Long term goals are to be recognized as a prominent curvy model. I strive to be a recognizable full figured model who promotes body confidence for women of all ages.

Henny: What other interest do you have besides modeling?

Jazmine Monroe: I am also a barber and hair stylist, so that is another interest of mine.

Henny: Is acting in your plans, Will we be seeing you on the big screen anytime soon?

Jazmine Monroe: Not for me. I’ve never desired to be on tv nor act in general.

Henny: What would be a dream role for you?

Jazmine Monroe: Any role that involves working with Ashley Graham or Iskra, would be a dream for me.

Henny: I’m about to get in your business now, lol!! Single, Married, divorced?

Jazmine Monroe: I am happily Married. Lol. We are actually expecting our first child.

Henny: What advice do you have for someone that would like to approach you in public?

Jazmine Monroe: Never be afraid to say Hi!

Henny: What are some of the worst pick-up lines you ever been hit with?

Jazmine Monroe: You have gorgeous feet, can I take a picture of them? lol

Henny: What turns you on the most?

Jazmine Monroe: Confidence. Always.

Henny: What is an ultimate turn off for you?

Jazmine Monroe: Insecurity. That is a fatal flaw.

Henny: Do you consider yourself a casual romantic or a super freak?

Jazmine Monroe: I consider myself a very healthy blend. lol

Henny: How would you describe your fashion style?

Jazmine Monroe: My style is anything accentuating my curves.

Henny: What genre of music are you into?

Jazmine Monroe: Canadian R&B

Henny: Drink of choice that gets you going?

Jazmine Monroe: Sweet Red Wine

Henny: What is one thing about yourself that tends to shock people once they get to know you personally?

Jazmine Monroe: That I am super chill and like to crack jokes. I love to laugh.

Henny: What is your guilty pleasure?

Jazmine Monroe: Shoot, anything sweet. lol Brownies, Cheesecake, Cookies …..

Henny: Name some things you couldn’t live without?

Jazmine Monroe: Things I couldn’t live without? I could really live without anything, its only certain people in my life I couldn’t live without.

Henny: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Jazmine Monroe: Not sure of what the near further has in store, but I typically release new content monthly so just wait and see.

Henny: What advice do you have for inspiring models out there trying to break into the industry?

Jazmine Monroe: Just go for it! Make sure to be realistic in your expectations, but if you are consistent and work hard, you will go far.

Henny: Lastly, @MsJazmineMonroe is your Instagram profile; give the readers a reason why they should follow you.

Jazmine Monroe: A reason to follow me on IG is that I am just myself on there. I share my newest work there and personal photos. I respond to comments and post stories, so you’ll never get bored with me lol

Henny: I really appreciate you taking the time to grant me this interview. Keep us posted on your future endeavors and don’t be a stranger. Anything you want to say to your fans out there?

Jazmine Monroe: To any fans I have out there, just a big thank you for your love and support. It means the world to me and i hope i continue to retain that support and loyalty for years to come as I put out more content for you and take you along side of me no matter where my career takes me.

Xoxo Jazmine

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