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Introducing Model Nekya courtesy of Visual Cocktail(Showcase including Interview)

Introducing aspiring model Nekya straight the DMV area brought to you by Visual Cocktail. I was able to get a couple questions out of her to get a feel of who is Model Nekya read on….

Hennywiz: For starters, where are you from and what’s you’re ethnic background?

Nekya: I’m from the DC area, Arlington, VA more specifically. And I’m African American.

Hennywiz: What or who inspired you to pursue a career in modeling?

Nekya: Clothes lol. I really like fashion and started out doing shoots in pieces I put together for a coworker that was getting into photography. Then I did a shoot for a local clothing line a couple of years ago and branched off from there.

Hennywiz: What’s your ultimate goal moving forward in your career?

Nekya: My ultimate goal is to continue to build a strong portfolio and have more people request my work. I’d love more opportunities in print!

Hennywiz: Single, married, divorced, lol

Nekya: I’m single and if I were married, divorce wouldn’t be an option lol.

Hennywiz: What genre of music do you prefer during a photoshoot?

Nekya: Depends on the shoot! For fashion shoots I need that sexy Beyonce diva music or some Kanye depending on my mood. Anything else I have to be hyped! Jeezy, Rick Ross, Travis Porter…you know…that kind of music lol. Aye!

Hennywiz: Guilty pleasure…

Nekya: Reality TV and french fries. Have yet to have them at the same time.

Follow her on @nekyabadd