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Jessenia Vice @JesseniaVice featured in 50 Cent’s “Big Rich Town” (feat. Joe) + interview

50 Cent - Big Rich Town8 - Jessenia Vice.thewizsdailydoseI’m extremely late with this featured do to technical difficulties; but model/vixen Jessenia Vice featured in 50 Cent’s latest video for “Big Rich Town” (feat. Joe) plus checkout en exclusive interview with Jessenia below conducted by A & R/Pr Nick Slay a exclusive….
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Last week i was asked if i could come thru for a quick video shoot for 50’s up coming single “Big Rich Town” the theme song for hit new show “POWER” on STAR NETWORK.

The last time i was in a video w 50Cent i was in “Pass The Patron” it was nice that he recalled who i was and we caught up. I cannot stress how down to earth he is and a genuine person.

I’m very honored to be a part of this major move, Check me out as 50s Lead in new video “Big Rich Town”

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