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Laura Moro @mslauramoro – Bayou Babe presented by Mixed Magazine

Laura Moro is the 23 year old hometown hottie from Shreveport, Lousiana! Where do I start? I think it’s pretty obvious from looking at Laura Moro that she possesses every single trait anyone would ever want from a woman.She is literally flawless! If all the girls from the bayou are like Laura then you better get to packing. Laura is filled with beautiful energy.
She is as sweet as can be and has the cutest little Louisiana accent. She has one of the purest personalities which becomes obvious within seconds of meeting her. Laura is very bright, strong minded and joyful about life itself. Her body is naturally perfect like a beautiful seashell from the most pristine oceans. She tops everything off with her incredible sex appeal and her heavenly booty. Laura Moro is an absolute dream. She is relatively new to the modeling world but is quickly turning heads. When she is not modeling, she is working as a waitress at yes HOOTERS! If you are in Shreveport and you get the chance to stop into Hooters to see Laura, consider yourself the luckiest person alive. We photographed Laura in Cocoa Beach, Florida where we could capture her beauty in sexy sunrise and sunset photoshoots giving us the ultimate lighting to shine on this rising star See more at