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Maria Espinoza – Bikini Model Perfection presented by @MixedMagazine

Maria Espinoza is the 2010 One Year Anniversary Cover Model for Mixed Magazine. She is the ONE you dream about, the ONE love songs are written for, the ONE who everyone jaw drops for, the ONE the who makes you stutter, and especially the ONE who makes you a better person. Maria Espinoza is number ONE!

Maria Espinoza12 Mixed Magazine.thewizsdailydose

We work very hard at Mixed Magazine to find you the very best models and it shows. With a little bit of luck mixed with hard work and diligent scouting we found the incredible Maria Espinoza. This young woman is is just amazing on every level but the one thing completely sets her over the top from other models is her beautiful personality. She is just a total sweetheart and it was obvious in the first few seconds of seeing her. She carries great morals and is nice to everyone around her. The one thing I found while working with her is her amazing ability to bring out the best in everyone. One can simply not say enough about Maria. She currently lives in Miami where she grew up. She is relatively new to the modeling world and takes it very seriously. Maria does runway fashion shows, bikini contest and models anything that is beautiful and sexy. Check out her amazing high resolution images and video shot exclusively just for you in out first class member section
Maria Espinoza7 Mixed Magazine.thewizsdailydose