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Presenting Ebony Kiara @Ebony_Kiara courtesy of @curvscience

Ebony Kiara2 curvscience.thewizsdailydoseHere’s a dope submission courtesy of curvscience photography; checkout aspiring model/dancer Ebony Kiara residing out the CHI..

23 year old Chicago native. Dancer, up and coming model, and aspiring radio/television personality. I have 10+ years experience dancing, in the form of hip hop, jazz and modern. My interest in media, music and entertainment has opened the door for me to get into modeling which I have begun to enjoy. I have been featured in music videos as a leading model and as a featured dancer as well. My goal is to grace the pages of well-known mags be featured in videos as a model and as a dancer. I hope to gain a fan base, networking opportunities and a name for myself in the industry to get me closer to my dream of becoming an on air personality as well as a hostess for various celebrity events.

Follow her on twitter @Ebony_Kiara you can also find her on instagram @ebonykiara