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Presenting “Smokin Mary Jain” @smokinmaryjain images by @Chatmanimages Maurice Chatman


Model: Smokin Mary Jain
Twitter: @smokinmaryjain
Photographer: Maurice Chatman
Twitter: @ChatmanImages
Booking Info:
Twitter: @kwallmusic

Smokin Mary Jain1 Maurice Chatman.thewizsdailydose

I’m Mary 25 yrs old my Ethnic background is Creole, German ,Swedish,French and Indian. No kids very much single! I’m at the point in my life were love is not a factor in my life . I do want the whole husband and kids, right now I’m working on progressing my career I’m a very open Spirit. My goals is to model right now and to be the best model i can be. At a young age i have always had a Fascination with photography Whether it was behind the cameras or in front of the cameras I have fallin in love with the art of photography. Growing up in the Foster system Self-esteem is a Major issue and was for me! I never felt like a belong let alone look preety! So now at the age I am I have come real far from not Feeling comfortable to wear sandals to wearing half shirts now! So I want to Continue to build my self-esteem and eventually show other girls that are just like me that they can do it too! Later in life I want to Build group home to help children in need of a loving Home!

Smokin Mary Jain appears courtesy of K Wall Music –

Smokin Mary Jain3 Maurice Chatman.thewizsdailydose

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