The Daily Updates @pacino718 presents The Colorful Curves Of Model Chanel Cierra

The Colorful Curves Of Model Chanel Cierra 002Photos & video shot/edited by Black Pacino

Hair & makeup by Yanick Awekey

The sky was overcast when I began my outdoor photo session with model Chanel Cierra, perfect shooting weather. Once Chanel changed into her form-fitting wardrobe and stepped in front of the camera, she added a lovely burst of color to this gray day. I chose the Miami Style Dress (provided by Treats & Threads) for its vibrant retro pattern but Chanel really brought it to life with her dynamic curves, beautiful skin tone and of course, her shapely legs. To complete the total package, Miss Cierra is a remarkably pretty woman with the kind of naturally full lips that Beverly Hills housewives imitate with injections.
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