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Spotlight Edition: Exclusive Interview with Alba Nitza




Alba has been on the scene for a minute now and I been watching her rise amongst masses at a rapid pace. I thought it would be definitely fitting to interview her for The Model/Actress has graced pages of of Spicy Magazine, ELM Magazine and has been featured on and just to name a few. Alba Nitza is also destined to make her mark on the big screen.

Read on below and get acquainted with sexy and curvy Alba Nitza


Hennywiz How’s everything Alba?

Alba Nitza Everything is good, just keeping busy & working hard

Hennywiz For starters; what is your nationality and where are you from?

Alba Nitza I’m 100% Puerto Rican & I’m from New Haven, Connecticut

Hennywiz What or who inspired you to pursue a career in the urban modeling industry?

Alba Nitza I mean it just kind of happened, I always wanted to model & had a few friends that were photographers so one day I did a shoot, but nothing really started moving until I met my current manager…

Hennywiz For the readers that might not know; give a rundown of some of the projects you’ve worked on?

Alba Nitza I’ve been featured on alot of the top blog sites (dynastyseries, thisi50, ggurls, American Curves) I was the cover model for Vixens magazine’s first Issue, Elm Magazine, Low Rider Mag & also xxl eye candy of the month.

Hennywiz You have some stunning images released amongst the web masses, who are some of the photographers you’ve worked with to enhance your portfolio?

Alba Nitza I’ve had a chance to work with some real dope photographers including, Charles Gardner (Iec Studios), Frank Antonio, MJ Flix, Linkz Photos, Ricky Fontaine (Iconik Images), Alex Tirado, Full Force & Ryan Onash to name a few

Hennywiz With all the shoots you’ve done so far, which ones have been your most memorable?

Alba Nitza I’d say my very first shoot I did which was with Frank Antonio, My Shoot with Smooth Magazine, My Beach Shoot with Alex Tirado & My Miami shoot with Mj Flix


Hennywiz A question I tend to ask models/vixens is, in this forever evolving business, new faces emerge by the minute. What separates “Alba Nitza” from your peers?


Alba Nitza I mean the first thing would be my work ethic is double than most people! My team is very strong which is very important & the fact that I will never sacrifice my goals & image for a fast buzz, I intend to make this my career not a 2 year high light. Also I don’t consider myself an urban model; my look is more ethnic & crossover appealing

Hennywiz Overall, what has been your opinion of the Modeling industry?

Alba Nitza lol it’s a tough business, very gossipy, everyone fighting for the same things.. You have to have a good head on your shoulders to really be in this business professionally.

Hennywiz What are some of your long term goals as you continue to progress in your career?

Alba Nitza Well I’m getting more into acting slowly but surely, my lipstick line is slated to come out early next year & definitely concentrating on more add campaigns.

Hennywiz What other interest do you have besides modeling?

Alba Nitza Well I’m a professional Make Up Artist which I love doing, definitely acting, I’m also a Licensed EMT (Medic) & A Licensed PCA (Personal Care Assistant) besides that I would love to open a full salon.

Hennywiz So I see acting in your plans; will we see Alba Nitza on the big screen anytime soon?

Alba Nitza YES!!! I just had 2 small roles in two independent films (Tykoon & Gravity) I also did some TV work on a few TV shows for major networks as well as just started acting school about 2 months ago

Hennywiz What would be a dream role for you?

Alba Nitza Hmm some type of spy or mercenary lol, but really I would love to try alot of roles that’s how you can measure your progression as an actress

Hennywiz Now I have to get in your business lol!! Single, Married, divorced?

Alba Nitza lol I’m single but I do have someone special in my life

Hennywiz What advice do you have for someone that would like to approach you in public?

Alba Nitza Just be yourself, material things don’t impress me, and I see men with money every day..

Hennywiz What are some of the worst pick up lines you ever been hit with?

Alba Nitza Oh damn so many to name, the classic you’ve been running through my mind all day to my name is______ I’m your future baby daddy to hey baby I’m a size 10 smh.. lines are corny

Hennywiz What turns you on the most?

Alba Nitza Confidence & Style

Hennywiz What is an ultimate turn off for you?

Alba Nitza Bad Teeth, Dirty Sneakers & Insecurity

Hennywiz Do you consider yourself a casual romantic or a super freak?

Alba Nitza Now that depends on who I’m with! I will say that I’m not a super mushy person

Hennywiz How would you describe your fashion style?

Alba Nitza Different, colorful, trendy, outspoken, confident

Hennywiz What genre of music are you into?

Alba Nitza I’m a hip hop girl but I get in my RnB & Latin moods

Hennywiz Drink of choice that gets you going?

Alba Nitza Hennessey & red bull lol… most people look at me crazy when I say that

Hennywiz What is your guilty pleasure?

Alba Nitza I will eat every kind of cheese if you let me

Hennywiz Name some things you couldn’t live without?

Alba Nitza My family but if you want my must haves, my iPhone, my heels, my curling iron & good lip gloss lol

Hennywiz What can we expect from you in the near future?

Alba Nitza A whole lot of success! My calendar is coming soon; I’m featured in 4 or 5 major print magazine over the next few months, my lipstick line & a bunch more!

Hennywiz What advice do you have for inspiring models out there trying to break into the industry?

Alba Nitza Stay alert, don’t trust everyone who comes at you, stay focused & don’t sell yourself short of what your worth

Hennywiz Lastly, is your website what can fans expect when they visit your site?

Alba Nitza Alot of pictures, my calendar of events, exclusive videos & a whole lot more!

Hennywiz I really appreciate you taking the time to grant me this interview. Keep us posted on your future endeavors and don’t be a stranger. Anything you want to say to your fans out there?

Alba Nitza Thank you so much to all my supporters! Thank you to my brother Danny & My manager Chris Fury

Sites: @albanitza88


Photography credits: (Some of the images)

Iconik Images

Linkz Photo