Spotlight Edition: Gina Ramos "Young, Sexy & Gifted"

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Sexy, talented and destined for greatest.. Gina Ramos is name we need to get familiar with if you haven’t already. She is a star on the rise. lookout for Gina in 2010 and 2011!!

Hennywiz: First off, Welcome to the Wiz’s Daily dose..
Gina Ramos: Thanks for having me!
Hennywiz: Where are you from originally? What’s your ethnic background?
Gina Ramos: I’m from Chino, California.  I am from Latin decent to be more specific Nicaragua 
Hennywiz: What are your measurements, btw, for the people that don’t already know?
Gina Ramos: 34C-26-39 *POW*
Hennywiz: What or who inspired you to begin a modeling career?
Gina Ramos: It was something that I always wanted to do so I just went for it!
Hennywiz: Have you been featured in any publications as of yet?
Gina Ramos: Not as of yet. I do have a lot of things in the works 🙂
Hennywiz: You’ve taken some amazing photos and the creativity behind them was bad ass. Is there a particular photographer you prefer to work with?
Gina Ramos: Thank you so much. I try to put a lot of thought into my looks before I shoot. I definitely have love working with Charles Gardner and with Jason Sanders of WMS photography they get my vision and bring it to life!
Hennywiz: With all the shoots you’ve done so far, which ones have been your most memorable?
Gina Ramos: Each one is special to me and I have so much fun that I can’t just pick one. I have soooo many stories lol
Hennywiz: Since you’ve been in the entertainment business has it affected your personal life?
Gina Ramos: I would say no. I’m still the same person I was before all this and the people close to me know that 😉
Hennywiz: Overall, what has been your opinion of the modeling industry as you continue to progress?
Gina Ramos: It’s a very cut throat industry so you definitely have to have the passion and determination to make it.
Hennywiz: What are some of your long term goals as you continue to progress in your career?
Gina Ramos: I want to take over the world. Lol.  I want to do as much as I can and try new ventures along the way.
Hennywiz: What has been some of the highlights of your career?
Gina Ramos: My whole career so far has been a spotlight and I’m loving every minute of it 
Hennywiz: One question I tend to ask models and vixens in the business is, in this forever evolving business new models emerge on a daily basis. What separates “Gina Ramos” from your peers?
Gina Ramos: Physically I would have to say my exotic look. Most people are very intrigued by my look, and again my determination and passion to get where I want to be.
Hennywiz: What other interest do you have besides modeling? 
Gina Ramos: Well I’m also a licensed Cosmetologist. I love doing hair and makeup and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance!
Hennywiz: What are some of your hobbies?
Gina Ramos: I love to dance (duh!) but I also like to just relax and watch movies all day
Hennywiz: Are you bound for the movie screen? Is acting in your plans?
Gina Ramos: That is definitely a yes. 
Hennywiz: What would be a dream role for you?
Gina Ramos: That I still don’t know…..
Hennywiz: Let’s get personal. Is there a significant other in your life?

Gina Ramos: *giggles* maybe…

Hennywiz: What qualities do you look for when choosing a significant other?
Gina Ramos: Tall, dark and handsome. Lol j/k I love someone that can make me laugh and that isn’t afraid to be silly 
Hennywiz: I want to assume your preference is men or is it women as well?
Gina Ramos: Hmm no just men please!
Hennywiz: What advice do you have for someone that would like to approach you in public? 
Gina Ramos: Don’t be shy I won’t bite 
Hennywiz: What are some of the worst pick up lines you ever been hit with? 
Gina Ramos: Look at the tag in her shirt and say: “I want to see if you were really made in heaven.”
Hennywiz: What turns you on the most?

Gina Ramos: A guy that can dance 😉

Hennywiz: What is an ultimate turn off for you?
Gina Ramos: Arrogance and jealousy 
Hennywiz: Do you consider yourself a casual romantic or super freak?
Gina Ramos: A little of both 😉
Hennywiz: What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
Gina Ramos: Haha wouldn’t you like to know!
Hennywiz: What part of your body are you most complimented on? What are your favorite assets on you?
Gina Ramos: To answer both questions my booty I love it
Hennywiz: Give a description of a normal evening at home with you.
Gina Ramos: Me sitting on the couch watching TV with my son (most likely SpongeBob)
Hennywiz: Do you have any tattoos? If so where?
Gina Ramos: Yes, a small pink star by my pelvic bone 
Hennywiz: Do you have a special hidden talent? If so what is it?
Gina Ramos:  If I do they’re still hidden 
Hennywiz: What is one thing about yourself that tends to shock people once they get to know you?
Gina Ramos:  That I’m really a down to earth person 
Hennywiz: How would describe your fashion style?
Gina Ramos:  Sexy… I like to wear short tight things. Lol
Hennywiz: What genre of music are you in to?

Gina Ramos:  I like everything! but being that I am Latin i do love my Spanish music like Reggeaton and Bachata 

Hennywiz: What’s your mood music during a photo shoot ?
Gina Ramos:  Definitely some salsa Reggeaton or Bachata.  I like something I can dance to 
Hennywiz: Drink of choice to get you going?
Gina Ramos:  A Pepsi (I don’t do alcohol)
Hennywiz: What can we expect from you in the near future?  
Gina Ramos:  Many many great thing s to come so just sit tight and enjoy the ride 
Hennywiz: What advice do you have for inspiring models out there trying to break into the industry?
Gina Ramos:  Love what you do and be aggressive. No one will just give you anything you have to take it!
Hennywiz: I really appreciate you taking the time to grant me this interview. Anything you want to say to your fans out there? 
Gina Ramos:   It was my pleasure! I just want to thank you to everyone who supports me and what I do know that I have love for each and every one of my fans . Also make sure you follow me on Twitter @iheartgina  and keep an eye for my website coming soon!



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