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The thick and sexy Mrs. Six Figures (Lingerie Set) images by Briscoe (

The thick and curvy Mrs. Six Figures is back again and this time we want to introduce Briscoe of’s photography aswell. Mrs. six Figures appears courtesy of Roc LP of management.


My name is Ebonie Williams also known as MrssixFigures!!I was born and raised in Washington DC..My first passion was to become a nurse,which im working towards my masters degree in Nurse Aneasthesiology.I enjoy Print modeling.I do hate what the world feels is a model.Jus because ur not 6’6 and a size 0 U cant do high fashion.When ur curvy like me allll natural then u basically have to stick with eye candy,video vixens which I hav no problem with,but this isnt my life.I have 5 children,I jus started my own company Esteloette Shoe Candy!!Im very excited abt that.I wanna be my own boss..Use this oppurtunity to make sure my kids kids kids fed.I wanna start a non profit organization for young girls.Im far from a groupie very professional and classyThe things I would like to touch are why men cant keep it 100 with women from the jump!Why is ur baby momma taking you to court for child support and ur fully in that child life and also provides..I never got that with these females wen u hav men that dnt even care abt there child.And mostly what I would talk abt is everyday life..I keep it real.what im feeling I share..most times my topic of disscussion will jus come….

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