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Tonya Marie – New Beauty – images by Starchild photography

Presenting starchild photography’s newest spokesmodel Tonya Marie residing out of NY. Checkout her exclusive interview with WDD below. All images courtesy of Starchild photography.

Henny – It’s a pleasure to have you here, Welcome!
Tonya Marie – Good morning, it is a pleasure!

Henny – For starters; when did you find inspiration in pursuing a modeling career?

Tonya Marie – When I was a kid I loved to dress up and take pictures and get my hair and makeup done. As I got older I was extremely shy but always
wanted to model. I would always hear people telling me how beautiful I
am and how I should get into it. One day a photographer messaged me to
do a shoot and I was so nervous but I thought hey what could go wrong
other than me not liking it and every since then I loved it.

Henny – What is your nationality and where are from?

Tonya Marie – My nationality is white, Cherokee Indian and African American. I am from Poughkeepsie New York.

Henny – For the people that might not know; Give a rundown of the publications you been featured in?

Tonya Marie – I’ve been in several music videos such as…
Drag-on – tsunami, Drag-on – swerve my lane, D. Weathers -LBO Jodeci
Spooky tru – bad influence and a few others.

Henny – With all the shoots you’ve done so far, which ones have been your most memorable?

Tonya Marie – I would have to say my most memorable shoot has to be my mermaid shoot. It was extremely fun shooting with the fin and trying to move around to each different pose by hopping. It definitely gave me a lot
of laughs and memories.

Henny – A question I tend to ask models/vixens is, in this forever evolving business, new faces emerge by the minute. What separates “Tonya Marie” from your peers?

Tonya Marie – What separates me from other models/ vixens I would have to say were my life struggles. I’ve been through so much that would normally tear someone down as in losing my mom when I was 15 years old. But for me it made me stronger it built me to the woman I am today.

Henny – Overall, what has been your opinion of the Modeling industry?
Tonya Marie – Overall, I have to say the modeling industry has been fun. I’m still new so I can’t wait to see what changes it brings to my life and or
what obstacles I might have to overcome. But I am ready for all that
it brings.

Henny – What are some of your long term goals as you continue to progress in your career?

Tonya Marie – My goal is to become a model that when my name is mentioned everyone knows who I am. I want to get into acting with stars. Be in major magazines. Travel the world with my modeling. Mainly to get as
far as I can when I comes to modeling.

Henny – What other interest do you have besides modeling?

Tonya Marie – My other interests are acting.

Henny – Is acting in your plans, Will we be seeing you on the big screen anytime soon? Tonya Marie – Yes acting is in my plans. Hopefully sooner than later I will be on the big screen.

Henny – What would be a dream role for you?

Tonya Marie – My dream would be to be a famous model.

Henny – I’m about to get in your business now, lol!! Single, Married, divorced?

Tonya Marie – I am single, lol

Henny – What advice do you have for someone that would like to approach you in public?

Tonya Marie – For anyone that would like to approach me in public please do. I am a very friendly person.

Henny – What are some of the worst pick-up lines you’ve been hit with?

Tonya Marie – Let me see, one of the worst pickup lines someone tried on me was on Halloween. I was dressed as a genie. This guy came up to me and said I love your costume you look beautiful and I said thanks then he hit
me with can you be my genie in a bottle. I couldn’t help but to bust
out laughing.
Henny – What turns you on the most?

Tonya Marie – What turns me on the most is a man that is adventurous.

Henny – What is an ultimate turn off for you?

Tonya Marie – A turnoff for me is a man that thinks just because they have
money they can have me. Money is nothing to me!
Henny – Do you consider yourself a casual romantic or a super freak?

Tonya Marie – Mhmm I would say it depends on the man and my relationship with
him. I can either be a super freak or a casual romantic person. Or he
can have the best of both worlds!
Henny – How would you describe your fashion style?

Tonya Marie – I would describe my fashion style as casual. But please don’t get me wrong when it’s time to dressed up or go out somewhere I’m like a
whole new person. I can go from casual to classy to sexy!

Henny – What genre of music are you into?

Tonya Marie – I listen to a lot of music from r&b, hip hop, reggae, pop, and
throwbacks. I honestly love music and listen to all types of music.

Henny – Drink of choice that gets you going?

Tonya Marie – My drink of choice that gets me going I would have to say is
patron and pineapple.

Henny – What is one thing about yourself that tends to shock people once they get to know you personally?

Tonya Marie – Once someone gets to know me, what normally tends to shock them is my age. I look a lot younger than I am. Also when someone gets to really know me as in life details they are shocked on how far I made
it and how strong I am.

Henny – What is your guilty pleasure?

Tonya Marie – Mhmm what is my guilty pleasure that’s a good one that imma keep a secret for now, lol
Henny – Name some things you couldn’t live without?

Tonya Marie – Some things I couldn’t live without would be my kids and my
family. They mean the world to me.
Henny – What can we expect from you in the near future?

Tonya Marie – In the near future you can expect to see me more than just in New York. I plan to take my modeling around the world to expand my

Henny – What advice do you have for inspiring models out there trying to break into the industry?

Tonya Marie – My advice to models trying to break out into the industry is to never give up. Sometimes things may seem impossible or like it’s
taking to long. But never give up on yourself. You are a work in
progress and so is modeling. Giving up is taking the easy way out keep
pushing no matter how many setbacks you have and believe in yourself.
If you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect someone to believe
in you.

Henny – Lastly, @queenenvy11is your Instagram profile; give the readers a reason why they should follow you.

Tonya Marie – My IG page is @Queenenvy11 definitely go follow me. There will be plenty of new post coming soon. Also the journey my modeling is going to I plan on posting all of it. I want all my followers to take my
modeling journey with me.

Henny – I really appreciate you taking the time to grant me this interview. Keep us posted on your future endeavors and don’t be a stranger. Anything you want to say to your fans out there?

Tonya Marie – Thank you so much for the interview I greatly appreciate it.